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Crank Drug

The horror of Meth: Before-and-after pictures reveal shocking transformation in faces of users hooked on deadly drug

The affects of using meth within a few years. So sad. Please please get help if you struggle with a drug addiction.

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INFOGRAPHIC: Ten Most Frequently Banned Books

First in the trilogy. This is a semi-true novel about Ellen Hopkin's teenage daughter's fight with drug addiction.

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Dantes Wings Gifs n Things

What you see, it what you get. I have very eclectic tastes as you will see. Should you choose to stay (NSFW). I post what I want, when I want. That is the point of Tumblr IMHO. Enjoy and come back often!!!

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Drug Guide for Parents: Learn the Facts to Keep Your Teen Safe Blow, Crank, Dex, Vike…do you know the drugs in your teen’s world? Our Drug Guide shows the top 13 drugs most commonly abused by teens — including their street names, photos, drug effects and signs of abuse.

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Great Books for Young Adults that Address Real Life Issues

Great Books for Young Adults that Address Real Life Issues. I have read almost every hopkins book. she is amazing!

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Quote on addictions: It's not the drugs that make a drug addict, it's the need to escape reality.

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Which 80s Heavy Metal Band Should You Be In?

Motley Crue was at the top of the hard rock food chain with Vince Neil singing lead, but became something of an afterthought during the John Corabi years. Description from I searched for this on

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On the streets it is referred to as Crystal, Ice, and Crank. Methamphetamines are viciously addictive and provide the hyperactivity effects of Cocaine alon.

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