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EDU SK010 Science Educational Toys 39pcs 9cm (3.5) Cranial Nerve Skull Anatomy Model for School & Educational Supplies

Cranial nerve #3: Oculomotor nerve! It is primarily a motor nerve. It produces eye movement, opening of eyelid, constriction of pupil, and focusing.

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Cranial Nerves memory trick. 1) Olfactory. 2) Optic. 3) Oculomotor. 4) Trochlear. 5) Trigeminal. 6) Abducens. 7) Facial. 8) Vestibulocochlear. 9) Glossopharyngeal. 10) Vagus. 11) Spinal Accessory. 12) Hypoglossal. I'm not sure how much this helps, but I'd never seen this little graphic before, and it is clever. Good luck in school; the job is worth it!


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Learning the Cranial Nerves!

Cranial nerves by number picture | cranial nerves. Site has great neuro images.


Cranial nerves 3-12 (Previous pinner found through Google search.)