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Cranial Nerves memory trick. 1) Olfactory. 2) Optic. 3) Oculomotor. 4) Trochlear. 5) Trigeminal. 6) Abducens. 7) Facial. 8) Vestibulocochlear. 9) Glossopharyngeal. 10) Vagus. 11) Spinal Accessory. 12) Hypoglossal. I'm not sure how much this helps, but I'd never seen this little graphic before, and it is clever. Good luck in school; the job is worth it!


This diagram illustrates other important relationships essential for conjugate gaze and the regulation of the vestibular-ocular reflex. An essential element in this relationship includes vestibular inputs to vestibular nuclei (6). Vestibular nuclei project to the ipsilateral cranial nerve (CN) VI, which is inhibitory, and to the contralateral CN VI, which is excitatory (3). Projections from CN VI to the contralateral CN III are also excitatory (7). The medial longitudinal fasciculus contains…