Cranial Nerves memory trick. 1) Olfactory. 2) Optic. 3) Oculomotor. 4) Trochlear. 5) Trigeminal. 6) Abducens. 7) Facial. 8) Vestibulocochlear. 9) Glossopharyngeal. 10) Vagus. 11) Spinal Accessory. 12) Hypoglossal. I'm not sure how much this helps, but I'd never seen this little graphic before, and it is clever. Good luck in school; the job is worth it!

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Neuromusic for Kids NeuromusicGroup Reflection Ukraine

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This cranial nerves quiz will test your ability to know the cranial nerves in order from I to XII (cranial nerves 1 to 12). In your Anatomy & Physiology class or other health related classes, y…

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This is the illustrated Harry Potter-themed cranial nerve mnemonic I really could have used as an M1 Source:

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View of the ventral surface of the brain depicting the sites of entry or exit of most of the cranial nerves. Note that the olfactory nerve (cranial nerve [CN] I) is not shown in this illustration and that the trochlear nerve exits the brainstem on the posterior surface and then passes along the exterior of the lower midbrain to enter the cavernous sinus along with CN VI.

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