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Craftsman Wheelbarrows

Double dining duty. When the weather warms up and it’s time for alfresco dining, the family moves the dining-room table and benches outdoors. Designed by the architect, the homeowners, and craftsman Joe Burmeister, the table has wagon-like wheels in the center and folding legs at each end. This allows it to be moved like a wheelbarrow to the patio.


So here is a great project for diy wheel barrow planter. Directions are from site for craftsman which doesn't have a pin it button and when link to page the images are not the wheel barrow so if you want to see step by step directions go to


A rare late 14th century oak clamp front chest, with butterfly lockplate and chain and link strap hinges,with til inside, in perfect condition.See ( Die gotischen Truhen der Luneburger Heideloster ) book for identical examples dating to the 1390’s and with similar hinges and lockplates.


Tucker's Coops Wheelbarrow A-Frame Handcrafted Pre-assembled Solid Wood Chicken Coop

The A-Frame coop is a spacious pen, hand-built by local Amish craftsman in Pennsylvania. This beautiful unit is built with the beginner in mind and features a wheelbarrow configuration which allows it