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Craftsman French Presses

Bodum ® Chambord Copper 34 Ounce French Press

The signature dome-topped Bodum French press coffee maker takes on a beautiful copper-plated finish in this classic plunger-style brewing method revered for producing fresh coffee with rich, full-bodied character. Combining the skills of the local craftsman with modern production, French press became accessible became affordable to the legions of fans who love the taste of the coffee brewed in this unique coffee style.


Benjamin Moore Powell Buff

Benjamin Moore Powell Buff, Carob, Shelburne Buff, French Press, and Audubon Russet, via #RoomLust


Below is a translation of Plate 11 from A.J. Roubo's “L’Art du menuisier” as it originally appeared on the Lost Art Press Blog. Please visit the original post for the translator's notes as well a l...