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Generating the Variance-Covariance Matrix - YouTube


Modern repeated measures analysis using mixed models in SPSS (1) Repeated measures analyse an introduction to the Mixed models (random effects) option in SPSS. Demonstrates different Covariance matrix types & how to use the Likelihood ratio test to evaluate different models. Robin Beaumont Full notes MCQ's etc at:

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Variance-covariance matrix using matrix notation of factor analysis - YouTube

PCA w. prcomp: covariance or correlation matrix based results

Statistics 101: The Covariance Matrix - YouTube

To find the sample covariance matrix, should you divide by N or N-1 to get an unbiased estimate?

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Smaller is better for nanotube analysis: Variance spectroscopy technique advances nanoparticle analysis

A covariance matrix produced with a new technique at Rice University maps fluorescence signals from various species of single-walled carbon nanotubes that are beginning to aggregate in a sample. The matrix allows researchers to know which types of nanotubes (identified by their fluorescence spectra) have aggregated and in what amounts, in this case after four hours in solution.

[R-sig-ME] Variance components analysis using a GLMM, how to insert a variance-covariance matrix in the model ?


Large Sample Covariance Matrices and Hig ( Cambridge Series in Statistical and Probabilistic (Hardcover)

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