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À la manière de Gérard Dansereau - Arts plastiques

Voici le projet : « À la manière de Gérard Dansereau » Vos élèves auront à créer une œuvre, en s’inspirant de cet incroyable artiste québécois. Ils devront incorporer au collage, quelques éléments graphiques dans leur réalisation. 3 pages d’éléments graphiques sont inclus dans le document. Ce document contient 2 œuvres de Gérard Dansereau et une courte biographie.


Mugshots of mobsters in 1930s New York found in private diaries of detective now up for auction

Cast array of artifacts: Consists of over 60 pieces (many original carbon copies), primarily typed police reports and complaints, as well as handwritten notes and some court documents


30 weekly decodable word lists that we use throughout the school year as quick assessments at the end of each week to document student progress. They give us a quick snapshot of who needs additional support on specific phonics/decoding skills that we have covered in class.


Amber Heard looks elegant at pre-Golden Globes luncheon

Happier times: The actress claimed in court documents that the Pirates of the Caribbean star is dragging out their court case to get back at her (pictured 2011)


November 1, 1765: The Stamp Act, passed by the British Parliament in March, goes into effect in the American colonies. This was a tax on every piece of printed paper used by the colonists: legal paper, licenses, newspapers and even playing cards were taxed, and the act was passes without the approval of the colonial legislatures. "Taxation without representation."