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World War 1 - German prisoners of war parade through a farmyard, 1915 © Fotolibra

©IWM (Q 4499) WWI,13 Nov 1916, Somme, Battle of the Ancre. A Military Policeman with a wounded German prisoner captured at St Pierre Divion. (Detail)

WWI, Dec 2, 1916 - Desperate Romanian Counteroffensive to Save Bucharest. Pictured - Romanian prisoners pass a destroyed artillery limber and dead horses.

Boche prisoner wounded and muddy coming in on the 13th (1918) A British soldier is helping a wounded German prisoner walk along a railway track away from a bridge. A man possibly in French military uniform is shown behind them holding a camera and tripod. The derogatory term for a German 'Boche or 'Bosch originates from the French slang 'alboche which was two words 'Allemand (German) and 'caboche (pate head) put together. This photograph is a reminder that the French also had official war…

WWI, Eastern Front; Men of the 5th Connaught Rangers with two Bulgarian prisoners at Tatarli, 28 Nov 1915 ©IWM

British Soldiers With German Prisoner Pass Allied French Troops

What a tortured prisoner of war taught me about the Rosary