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Use the tip of a mechanical pencil to make countersunk bolts in putty.

$11.48 (Buy here: ) 100 x Stainless Steel Countersunk Hex Socket Knurled Bolt Screws M2.5x22mm Black for just $11.48

I like the trusses with countersunk bolts and the illusion of more space with the open ceiling


$21.06 (Buy here: ) DIN7991 M6 *20 Stainless Steel A2 Allen Bolts Countersunk Socket Cap Screws 100PCS for just $21.06

Looking For A Specific Type of Cabinetry Hardware... Check out the full project I'll try to keep this short but I do need to give a brief overview to explain what exactly I am looking for.I recently bought a safe because I have a side-business arrangement (no not drugs grow up guys) that deals entirely in cash - i.e unreported income - and is scaling rapidly. I need a safe place to keep the cash that I pick up weekly (generally in the 2K range but like I said it is scaling rapidly) where I…

$22.50 (Buy here: ) m5*12 , 6pcs/set , AB color , m5 Titanium countersunk head bolt Antirust fasteners , Mountain Bike Tuning Parts kit for just $22.50

640 20pcs Cross Recessed Countersunk Head Brass Wood Screws self tapping bolt EUR 7.06 Meer informatie #aliexpress