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Europe : The First Crusade - I: The People’s Crusade - Extra History In 1095CE, Pope Urban gathered the leaders of the Christian community at the Council of Clermont. Urged on by Emperor Alexius Comnenos of Constantinople, he called for a crusade to retake the Holy Land from the Muslims who occupied Jerusalem. Muslims had occupied the Holy Land for over 400 years, but the timing was politically right for the Pope and the Byzantine Emperor. Pope


Map of San Marino. San Marino's capital is the City of San Marino, its largest city Dogana. San Marino has the smallest population of all the members of the Council of Europe.


Gallery of Nursery - Council of Europe / ART & BUILD ARCHITECT - 15

Nursery designed by Council of Europe / Art Architects features this dome or tent-like structure with a central circle window allowing a flood of light to penetrate the circular structure.


Her Majesty Queen of Jordan Rania Al Abdullah received the 14th North-South Prize of the Council of Europe 2009, 16 March 2009, Lisbon, Portugal


~Pitlochry is a burgh in the council area of Perth and Kinross, Scotland, lying on the River Tummel. It is largely a Victorian town, which developed into a tourist resort due to Queen Victoria visiting the area in 1842, and the arrival of the railway in 1863.


castlesfromallovertheworld:Zamek w Będzinie, Polska (Będzin Castle, Poland) The Bedzin Castle is a castle in Bedzin in southern Poland. The stone castle dates to 14th century, and is predated by a wooden fortification that was erected in 11th century. It was an important fortification in the Kingdom of Poland. © Będzin City Council Castles from all over the world