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Cough Syrup Names

sharon-lai: Haunting lyrics: Cough Syrup - Young The Giant The first time I’ve heard this song was on my Glee season 3, episode 14, my most favorite, when a gay boy named Dave Karofsky was totally depressed because his so-called friends found out who he was and made fun of that. And he cry his eyes out in his room, put on his best suit and tried to kill himself. I had never cared about gay people before. Like, I knew that judging them for being born in the wrong shape was wrong, I never did…

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Neo-Druidism - Elder, ogham name Ruis, rules 25th November to 22nd December. Elder is called the poor mans medicine chest because of the myriad medicinal and healing properties of all parts of the tree. The flowers make a light refreshing cordial, and the berries a rich red wine, also a soothing cough remedy.

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rubyroses: Until 1924, you could buy Heroin in stores. There was heroin cough syrup, heroin lozenges and heroin tablets.The most amazing thing was that “Heroin” was a trademark of Bayer. Discovered by a British chemist in 1874, heroin was mass produced by German pharmaceutical company Bayer 14 years later. The name “Heroin” was inspired by the “heroic” fearlessness sensation users felt after using it. Pharmacists marketed heroin as an excellent pain killer...

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Robitussin cough gels! The best cough medicine EVER! No more nasty cough syrup taste!

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Interesting... a benzedrine inhaler.No wonder those earlier generations could work so hard.

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Vintage Cough Syrup Bottle. The name should be "Your Last Night" syrup. Or...."You're No Longer Coughing Because You Are Dead" syrup, lol !

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Cough Syrup Recall – Sold at CVS, Rite Aid, Dollar General and More Stores

The botanical name, Tussilago, signifies 'cough dispeller,' and Coltsfoot has justly been termed 'nature's best herb for the lungs and her most eminent thoracic.'

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We smoked this as kids in the woods. Prince Albert and ocb papers. Rabbit Tobacco / Sweet Everlasting / Cherokee Tobacco. Contains no nicotine & doesn't have to be smoked. Many Medicinal Uses: Migraine, Sinus Trouble, Cough, Asthma, Flu & many more. Some Native Americans believed the smoke held a spiritual or mystic power

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