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Treatment: Nonsurgical Lip augmentation Purpose: Lip augmentation / enhancement How it works: Hyaluronate Injections Results: Immediate Note: Individual results may vary Phone:310-746-5233 Location: Epione Beverly Hills Technique: Multilayer micro-droplet injection Anesthesia: topical numbing cream Time it takes:about 15 minutes Recovery: none Lasts: months to years depending on product used Caution: must be done by an experienced MD Pain level…

from Meraki Lane

How to get bigger lips without lip injections

If you have small lips but can't stand the idea (or cost!) of lip injections, this collection of tips will teach you how to get bigger lips using makeup and household products. You will be amazed at the results! And for those of you who are looking for something a little more extreme, you'll love the tips for using a lip plumper. Who knew getting sexy lips like Angelina Jolie could be so easy?!


Juvederm XC in my lips approximately every 9 months is probably one of my favorite treatments. Immediate results that make my face look so much prettier!


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Tested and proven to be the best lip plumper available. CITYLips uses cutting edge technology that generates collagen in your lips for a natural, instant and long-lasting plump without the cost or risk of injections or surgery.


Half-an-hour non-surgical face-lift and face rejuvenation. Restoration of volume loss in the cheeks with Voluma and puffiness under the eyes with Restylane, treatment of wrinkles on forehead with Botox. All injected by experienced MD. Total treatment cost: $2500-$4000 Procedure length: 30-60 min Pain and discomfort: None to minimal Down-time: None Results typically last upto 2 years for fillers and upto 6 months for Botox Call us at 949-266-7346 to schedule complimentary consultation…

from Meraki Lane

how to get bigger lips without botox

If you have small lips but can't stand the idea (or cost!) of Botox, this collection of tutorials will give you the fuller look you want!


SkinMedica TNS lip plump system. Love this stuff, actually makes your lips grow and become more plump instead of using a plumping lip gloss that just irritates your lips making them look plump for a short amount of time. It's like getting lip injections without the cost :)