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Lunar | Moon | Astrology | 2017 Astrology Calendar - Cosmic Calendar with Zodiac, Chakras as Mandala Art / Chart] 18"x24" Full Color Poster

2017 Cosmic Calendar // Spiral Spectrum [CHAKRA, MOON & ASTROLOGY Mandala Art/Chart] 18x24 Full Color Poster


Carl Sagan's Cosmic Calendar, in which the entire 13.75 billion-year history of the universe is scaled down to a single year. At this scale, the Earth formed in August, life arose in September, and the first land plants appeared in mid-December. Apes did not appear until the very last day of the year. The first humans show up in the last six minutes and civilization in the final 30 seconds.


“For tell me, is not that cabbage you speak of a being existent in Nature as well as you? Is not she the common mother of you both? Yet the opinion that Nature is kinder to mankind than to cabbage-kind, tickles and makes us laugh." Cyrano de Bergerac [1620-1655]: "The Soul of the Cabbage"