Corrugated steel sheets

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Decorate Exterior Using Corrugated Metal Siding For Residential Home: Metal Construction Of Contemporary House Using Corrugated Metal Siding And Picture Windows

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With its bold, upswept profile, the roof gives this otherwise simple house its distinctive character. But those curves are not merely for show. The concave forms are integral to the dwelling’s self-sufficiency because they act as water collectors and sun protection. When rain hits the roof, it runs down into holes punched into the valleys created by the tilt of the corrugated-steel sheets. Underneath these holes, which are too small for leaves to penetrate, the water collects in a concealed…

Florentijn Hofman Little Factory Drachten, (NL) 2012 5 x 12 x 14 meters metal frame, corrugated steel roof sheets, rolling shutters and stone pavers.

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