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Wild Garlics (tulbaghia): Tulbaghia (wild garlic or society garlic) a monocotyledonous genus of herbaceous perennial bulbs native to Africa, belonging to the Amaryllis family. It is one of only two known genera in the society garlic tribe within the onion subfamily. The genus was named for Ryk Tulbagh (1699-1771), one time governor of The Cape of Good Hope. Most species are native to the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa. As is common to many members of the onion tribe, when their…

diy christmas ornament wreath - just hot glue glass christmas ornaments to a styrofoam ring.

How To Get Out Of Your Funk And Start Living

diy christmas ornament wreath - just hot glue glass christmas ornaments to a styrofoam ring.

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Danish Crown Regalia - 1. Crown of Christian IV 1595. 2. Crown of Christian V 1665-70. 3. The queen's crown 1731. 4. Sceptre. 5. Sword of state. 6. Globus cruciger.

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Tower of London: Facts & History

This version of the Imperial State Crown was worn by George V and is now housed in the Tower of London.<br />

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This is so Alphonse Mucha! I like the posing idea, but I'd do dandelion crown on toddlers in a grassy field instead.

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StateThe Imperial Crown of India was created when King George V visited Delhi as Emperor of India. To prevent the pawning of the Crown Jewels, British law prohibited the removal of a Crown Jewel from the country. For this reason, a new crown was made. It has not been used since.

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The huge belle epouqe diamond tiara, 1903, by Cartier, for the Duchess of Manchester, Helen, nee Zimmerman, an American 'Dollar Princess'. Featuring a series of seven large, heart-shaped double scrolls, twisted at the base, then curling into upright motifs. Within each heart are three circular diamonds, and then topped with a pair of leaves and a larger diamond.

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