"Cornelian Cherry" Can be grown in Va, generally pest free and can be grown under the canopy of larger trees. CornusMasBlms5256s.jpg

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Cornus mas

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Cornelian Cherry, Fruiting Dogwood tree, Cornus Mas. has been enjoyed by humans for millennia. A particular favorite of the ancient Greeks, it was widely planted in medieval monastery gardens throughout Europe. Cherry-like fruits ripen in the late summer and early fall.

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Cornus mas (Cornouiller mâle)

Cornus mas Origin: W Asia, Europe H x S: 5 x 5 m Foliage: Ovate dark green leaves to 10 cm, turning red-purple in autumn. Flowers: Yellow flowers in small umbels to 2 cm across, in late winter before the leaves. Fruit: Oblong-ellipsoid, fleshy bright red fruit are produced in late summer and are edible when ripe.

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