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"Cornelian Cherry" Can be grown in Va, generally pest free and can be grown under the canopy of larger trees. CornusMasBlms5256s.jpg


1960 Botanical Print, Cornus mas, Cornelian cherry, Dogwood Tree, Vintage Lithograph, Botany Illustration, Home Wall Decor, Kornelkirsche


Cornelian Cherry, Fruiting Dogwood tree, Cornus Mas. has been enjoyed by humans for millennia. A particular favorite of the ancient Greeks, it was widely planted in medieval monastery gardens throughout Europe. Cherry-like fruits ripen in the late summer and early fall.


Cornus mas Cornelian Cherry, Cornelian Cherry Dogwood - a must! It's an understory tree - growing 5 x 5 m at a medium rate - so it could fit in perfectly. Can grow in alkaline soils. Atracts wildlife :) Tolerates wind but not maritime exposure. It seems perfect for the north side garden, near the Elder below the Fig tree. Planted bare-rooted 2 year old on April 10th 2015. :) April 21st already in leaf :)