Corn price per bushel

Iowa’s farmers and state economy watchers face the reality that a “historically rare period” of prosperity for Iowa agriculture may be ending. The U.S. Department of Agriculture last week forecast a return to more normal corn surpluses of almost 2 billion bushels. The more ample supplies could drive down corn prices to as low as $4.20 per bushel by year’s end, compared with an average price of $6.20 in 2011, the USDA predicted.

$5.50-per-bushel corn possible if yield normalizes in 2013 - A return to more normal U.S. corn yields in 2013 could send new-crop prices spiraling downward, but persistent drought in some of the nation’s top corn-producing states could have the opposite effect, says Purdue Extension agricultural economist Chris Hurt.

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"“We saw how price spikes caused by this government mandate impacts turkey growers when corn prices reached almost $8 per bushel: U.S. turkey production declined by 9 percent, resulting in loss of rural jobs.”

Once combines are shedded for fall 2014, it's likely that corn growers will turn to pencil and paper to begin calculating how they can bring home a profit in 2015. Current expert projections are that 2015 corn will cost some $4.50 per bushel to grow and today's price projection for 2015 corn commodities is near $4.00 per bushel. Read more on Producer's website!

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Updated projections by the Agriculture Department on Thursday forecast significant price declines for corn, wheat and even soybeans — all large enough to trigger potential payments under the new farm bill. Corn stands out the most, with average prices dropping to $3.90 per bushel in the coming crop year, even after the department assumes reduced...

Subtracting total costs, we see no-till had net revenues of $190.32 and conventional tillage had net revenues of $91.28/acre. Our no-till farmer was 52% more profitable than his conventional tilling peer. Another way to look at these numbers is to consider the cost per bushel of production. It cost the no-till farmer $4.03 to produce one bushel of corn, and the conventional tiller $4.52 to produce a bushel. That gives the no-tiller more of a cushion to remain profitable if prices drop.

Curious about the value of corn in some food products? We were, too! That’s why we took a look to see the value of corn (or, in some cases the value of corn used to make a food ingredient) if corn is priced at $6.00 per bushel (about 10.7 cents/pound).

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Since mid-November, China has turned away 1.45 million metric tons of U.S. corn because of the presence of unapproved Syngenta GMO varieties. The rejections have depressed U.S. corn prices by an estimated 11 cents per bushel, accounting for projected losses of $1.14 billion for U.S. corn farmers for the last nine months of the marketing year that ends on August 31.

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