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Trendy Cork-board

My girlfriend wanted a trendy looking cork-board for her room. We looked around for one but couldn't seem to find one that she liked, but since it was almost Christmas I decided to surprise her and build one.

DIY Bulletin Board. Things needed: Fabric, Plain Cork Board (Size of your choice), Ribbon, Buttons/Bows (Or any accessory you'd like), Batting (Material usually made of cotton, polyester or wool), Staple Gun, Scissors

Glue tacks to clothespins to hang pics on bulletin boards. Makes it SO easy to switch out pictures without damaging them. Z


Nice idea, thanks Kim! Could do it so easily with a vintage frame (redone if need be) and any type of fabric that fits the room. Good for kitchen/home office but maybe for kids rooms too, customized to their needs and style.


Framed Cork Bulletin Board - A Quick & Easy DIY

Simple DIY cork bulletin board (love the fabric pocket!)