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his 5 gallon copper still is handmade by master coppersmiths and is a must for any collector or persons passionate about their whiskeys. Fermentation is a breeze in 5 gallon buckets and the heat up time is pretty good, compared to larger stills. A typical run lasts for a couple of hours and should get you between 1-2 gallons of your preferred spirit. If you’re passionate about making your own moonshine, this is definitely the still for you!

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How To Make Apple "Moonshine"

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How to Make Moonshine and Moonshine Recipes

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How to Make Honey "Moonshine" - AKA: "Honeyshine"

Honey Moonshine is one of our favorite recipes of all time: Honeyshine. It's basically a no frills distilled mead, but it packs a powerful punch.

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Orangeblossomfarm Greece: Small scale home distilling of essential oils | informative pictorial of hydrosol and essential oil production of various flowers and herbs in a 5-litre copper still

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Alembics - Copper Still Steam Distillation of Essential oils, natural aromatic Hydrosols and floral waters and Spirits

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