Coping with loss

It definitely is a price of love, but I wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

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In light of Robin Williams’ recent passing I wanted to share something that’s been on my mind… not because I knew him, but because I, like thousands if not millions of others like me, feel compelled to acknowledge and cope with this loss. Emotions are running high, and while I don’t know a lot, I...

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It feels like this still year after year I don't feel like it's going to change. I pray to never stop hearing his voice and feeling that he is with me.

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Get your free copy of 11 spiritual exercises for dealing with pain, disappointment and loss. Walk with God as you allow Him to heal you by using a variety of practices and prayers. We are excited to give you this free resource and hope that you will grow closer to God because of it!

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5 stages of grief by Elizabeth Kubler-Ross. It's very interesting how we cope with grief and loss. It's important to note that the stages can overlap or go out of order, and we can return to stages we've been to before.

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How to cope with grief and loss though spiritual connection? Let me share my story of healing of “accidentally” meeting a medium.

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While children process loss in different ways depending on age, there are ways to help them work through their grief and process these very confusing and overwhelming feelings. Here are tips to help.

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