Cooper's Hawks capture birds with their feet and kill them by repeated squeezing. They have even been known to drown their prey. Three Cooper's Hawks were found in Central Park in this year's Bird Count.


Cooper's Hawk: Its rounded wings and long tail, which acts like a rudder on a ship, help the bird to maneuver through tight spots – such as a tangle of branches – to get at its quick moving prey.


Gnocchi with Roasted Butternut Squash Recipe -- Pretty good. Did take a good amount of time for prep/clean up. I might recommend using the gnocci pot for the other stuff to cut back on clean up. Cooked squash first, and I cut it into small pieces and baked at 425 for 20 min with the seasonings just mixed in. Once that starts going, we started up on the rest of it. Turned out pretty yummy, though ours was a little more liquidy because we used milk instead of cream (oops).

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