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Shop Empire 3

Oh what is a boring day! How to refresh it? Shop Empire 3 can make your day busier and cooler! What to do now? Find the answer here! Entering the 3rd version of the sequel to the hit game Shop Empire every player will role-play a powerful King.

Painted a styrafoam cooler with brown craft paint and gold for the edges. I filled it with goodies from the dollar store and had kids dig in for prizes. Great for pirate themed parties too!


ducks floating in drinks cooler - make it a math game with numbers on the bottom. Add, subtract, multiply or divide the numbers


Play Egyptian Rat Screw

how to play ERS/ERF (but perhaps with a different name) - maybe have a series of game afternoons/nights? One of card games, one for life-size Clue, one for Mafia, a board game, water wars, etc. Because every teen should know how to play ERF.


Activities for Children: Maths Games

To encourage children's maths concepts in useful and fun ways, because play matters, here are 20 useful math games.