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How To Make The Best Cannabutter On The Planet

Eight simple steps to making some of the best marijuana butter around. Generally when cooking with marijuana, "cannabutter" is going to be one of the prima

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What to Avoid When Cooking with Cannabis

WHAT TO AVOID WHEN COOKING WITH CANNABIS. The first step is to avoid that whole “cooking” part.

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Cannabis Desserts

Canna-Carrot Cake: Delicious cannabis desserts for the more sophisticated pallet. Click on the picture to see the "Recipe & Making Process".

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Cannabis And Coconut Oil Make Powerful Mixture To Kill Cancer Cells

Use this step by step recipe to guide you in making weed infused rice crispy treats with medical marijuana.

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Marijuana Cakes, Cookies and Edibles ~ A Collection of #cannabis #cookbooks and #recipes via @merry_cannabis

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