How to make porridge using pearled barley instead of oats, how to store cooked barley, and what are the nutritional differences between the two grains.

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Hearty Winter Vegetable Soup is packed full of winter vegetables and pearl barley, providing a fantastic vegan meal for a cold winter's night.

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High-protein, high-fiber barley makes a delicious baked pilaf that is flavorful, tender and pairs wonderfully with many dishes.

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Some sort of magic happens over the long, controlled simmer in the slow cooker: The barley cooks to tender-chewy perfection, the inexpensive and tough beef becomes meltingly tender, and the liquid thickens to a beautiful gravy. Be patient and brown the meat thoroughly; this adds incredible depth to the stew. Go with hulled, whole-grain barley here, and skip quick-cooking pearled barley; the latter isn’t whole-grain, and it will cook to mush over the long simmering time. If you can’t find…

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Barley, Spinach, and Mushrooms ~ Barley, spinach, white beans, caramelized onions, and mushrooms tossed together with balsamic vinegar and parmesan cheese. ~ The Complete Savorist

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“Melt in Your Mouth” Beef and Barley Soup - so thick, it's more like a stew. Perfect for these cold winter days! ❊

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This hearty soup cooks on it's own in your slow cooker to create an easy, delicious weeknight meal. ~

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I can barely contain myself when I make this salad. I have no idea where the recipe came from years ago, but the faded index card says that the salad is supposed to be served chilled. No way. I can never wait that long – once the dressing goes on I’m all over it. This salad, like caprese salad, is a summertime food. You can really taste the difference when using only the best, freshest tomatoes. I bet ten dollars that my mom will make this salad within a couple of hours after she sees this…

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