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Contrast Sensitivity Testing - A person with normal visual acuity but poor contrast sensitivity might see the trees in the foreground clearly (high contrast), but have trouble seeing the contours of the mountains against the sky in the background (low contrast).

What Mold Does to Your Body - Understanding Mold Illness ​Things didn't used to be so difficult to accomplish. It didn't used to be impossible to make it through a day at work. Now you find it almost impossible to get through a load of laundry. You are so tired all of the time. You are just hoping your disability is approved so you can live.


Focusing the Brain on Better Vision

Contrast sensitivity, the ability to distinguish gradations of light to dark, may be improved with visual exercises.

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Can Your Eyes Pass The Contrast Sensitivity Test?

I got: You can see all the spectrum of shades! ! Can Your Eyes Pass The Contrast Sensitivity Test?