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chiaroscuro - A technique of high contrast lights and darks in painting, notably in the Baroque period of European Art.

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split lighting portrait. unique angle of the hat creates a mysterious mood in the model. black and white increases contrast.

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This image shows a tree shadow in a forest. I really like the good light affect in this image, i also like the greyscale shades instead of actual colour. I will use or at least try and do a study of this in pencil and develop it with a different technique from an artist.

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And matter how used to it you tell your self you are, the feeling of cold killing metal again your back head knee, anything just sucks. There is a certain ache of oh crap now I might actually die along with the raging passion for your freedom that is so just undeniable though. But it's also wonderful in about the most terrifying way ever.

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I really like the apartments of this type, with the space there is a strong contrast. With a contemporary style, I had very good ideas for it. Hope you like it. Thank you very much.....!!

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