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Quick Fish Studies

Here are some quick studies of fish for this week, I thought the continuous-line drawing would be a little more challenging on fish as there aren't so many .

Continuous-line-drawing by Boris Schmitz, 2014

Feeling like Im being made over- Karen C. Photo by borisschmitz: "Gaze one-continuous-line-drawing by Boris Schmitz, 2014 Click

One Line - Animal Logos

Tatto Ideas & Trends 2017 - DISCOVER One line - Animal logos - Rock painting ideas Discovred by : Figue Blanche

I like this portrait because it is made up of a single, continuous line yet it still looks realistic.

male Portrait, extra fine Sharpie, Sketch, Line Drawing, via // ħαρρч νıвeš only…

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Graphite pencil contemporary Illustrator name - Zoe/ Week From uk/ ink pen continuous line sketch drawing portrait Line movement shows the smoke fludity and give feeling to the subject

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Assignment Example - Continuous Line Drawing with Spots of Color - Line/Color/Emphasis/Rhythm/Balance/Movement