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The Nebula Ring - an extraordinary one-of-a-kind contemporary piece inspired by astronomy and geometric principals. A 10mm (3/8") rose cut diamond (2.50 ct) is set as a refractive lens for the multicolored fire of an Australian black opal slice. From some views a stunning diamond ring, from other views a virtual telescope to the luminous colors of a nebula.

Rosalie Fanshel French Knot art quilt amazing contemporary textile art looks like a picture through the eye of a telescope of the millions of stars in the milky way or a great galaxy


A BARN HOUSE!!! Complete with a silo that has a secret room up top for a telescope!


Our alumni artist Ciara Phillips’ presents Every Woman (2016) #DazzleShip See it before Edinburgh Art Festival draws to a close on 28 August 2016. Co-commissioned by Edinburgh Art Festival and 14-18 NOW, it is the fourth in a series of ‘Dazzle’ ship designs developed by contemporary artists to commemorate the First World War. Photograph by Ross Fraser McLean / StudioRoRo . Designed not to camouflage, but to distort a ship’s appearance when viewed through a telescope, ‘Dazzle’ was…

from ModernDomicile

Telescope Magnifying Glass-Brass by Global Views

ModernDomicile - Telescope Magnifying Glass-Brass by Global Views, $97.50 (

paintings on wood by alison moritsugu

paintings on wood by alison moritsugu

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Breeke & Company - Hubble Three Telescope Print Fashion Women's Scarf

External facade of #JodrellBankDiscoveryCentre The #LovellTelescope at #JodrellBank is a truly inspirational piece of #engineering with wonderful #sculptural qualities. We chose a #steel construction for the new pavilions and a pressed metal #cladding to pick up on the telescope’s structure but also aimed for a very planar and simple #façade to contrast against the telescope’s intricate and complex frame #design. This facade treatment gives both buildings a #contemporary and #technological…

Black Scorpion Brass Nickeled Polished Telescope Contemporary Wall Art