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Contemporary Exterior Products

Outdoor Spaces - Oak Valley Asian Residence by Piet Boon

Terrace outdoor living inspiration | exterior design | modern terrace design | villa design | hotel design | wellness design | design products for easy living | Dutch Designer Brand COCOON || table and chairs by Piet Boon

PH BOOK Contemporary Architecture Reminded me of what you said today (Shirl) about the boxes :)

@avivbeber3 Black insulated panel contemporary garage door. Stainless steel garage door, perfect for contemporary style houses


Low Roofs What would a modernist house be without its flat, or more appropriately termed, low-slope roof? These types of roofs require special attention, as they can be prone to leaking if not well detailed and constructed. And because gutters and downspouts at the exterior would ruin the overall aesthetic of the home, modern designs often depend on using interior roof drains to get and keep water off the roof.


Seven stunning sink designs for modern spaces

A sink in the washroom is probably the most overlooked element in the house. Although people spend a lot of money trying to get the most artistic and stylish items in their bathroom, yet they ignore the idea of a good, stylish and sophisticated sink. But