Crazy Contact Lenses for Halloween, love love love crazy contacts!!! :D so much! Jake's favorite was hypnotica and white out!

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Proper Care of Contact Lenses. JAMA. 2015;314(14):1534. doi:10.1001/jama.2015.12468.

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White Contact Lenses – Full, All, Pure Sclera, Non Prescription Cheap, Completely White Out White Contacts, Where Buy Online | BeautyTots

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Robot Eye Coloured Contacts | Coloured Contact Lenses, Cheap Colour Lenses, Crazy Contact Lenses, Halloween Contact Lenses and Fashion Contact Lenses (Colored Contact Lenses, Colored Contacts)

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Witness to the True eyes of Terror! A "Top 10 Scariest FX Contact Lenses" list of Gothika Brand. This is in no particular order, but lets have some FUN. Tell us what you think the order should be? Or what takes the no. 1 spot? From top-left to top-right, and proceeding down from there. 1) Angelic Red 2) Berzerker 3) Hellraiser 4) Night Stalker 5) Banshee 6) Walking Dead 7) Black Wolf 8) Angelic Yellow 9) Reaper 10) Dragons Breath -- Please share, pin, & add us as friend! :) Scare you Later…

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