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Mad Magazine Gets In On The Donald Trump Action -- “Many people have wondered if Trump has any intelligent ideas in his head,” John Ficarra, Mad’s editor-in-chief, told us. “Our cover answers that question once and for all.” Ficarra added that the magazine plans to make available a poster of the Trump cover with the slogan “Make America Dumb Again.”

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Not quite right. Trump sells a populist message very well. We need to be smart enough to distinguish populism from principled stances.

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13 years and I finally have the courage to enforce No Contact. I BLOCK all numbers, mail, and social networking, and for 3 weeks, experience peace. Then he sends me an invite on linkedin after dissing it as a site for desperate job seekers. Sigh. How did I not see this coming.

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Tiffany Trump is the youngest daughter of Donald Trump and ex-wife Marla Maples. Description from I searched for this on

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Here is what Donald Trump has to say about network marketing... I am beyond thankful for this opportunity to work on my own time and still earn an income! Start your own business here with me. CONTACT ME:

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I have wondered many a time on what I should call him....he doesn't deserve to be called human....animal, doesn not fit as animals are genuine to their specie. Monster sounded about right... but a machine is perfect. Mechanically and Systematically he destroyed it all.

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La NBA et les Bucks réagissent après le décret anti-immigration de Donald Trump - La NBA a déjà réagi au décret anti-immigration de Donald Trump par un communiqué signé de son porte-parole Mike Bass. Ce dernier assure que la ligue a contacté le secrétariat… Lire la suite » - Par

Narcissistic Personality Disorder..... He appeared so normal to me but I have seen every side to him now and it is terrifying. These narcissists are usually able to hide their abnormal behavior around co workers and family etc, but because I was in constant contact with this guy 24/7, he couldn't hide his distorted mind from me.

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