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Consoling Quotes

MEN If You Treat Your Woman Badly... Pay Attention To The Way She Feels, Then You'll Know How To Console Your Daughter One Day - Quote From #RECITE #QUOTE

Whenever I hear other people gossiping about me, I console myself with what my mom used to say: 'birds always peck at the best fruit.'


A console window showing the result of trying to compile a rust program with a missing quote around a string in a print statement. The error message reported is error: unterminated double quote string.

from Birthday Wishes Expert

Famous Quotes on Images (Part 1)

For times that defy words, we are fortunate to have the wisdom of the ages found in the famous words of those who have been through it all. While the people who spoke them are long gone, their words live on and speak to us in a way that can inspire, console, and educate. We are grateful for these insights and eager to share them.

Midnight Express. Center Consoles don’t get much better! (Source) #boat #quote #quotation #aphorism #quoteallthethings

art is to console those who are broken by life ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring fillers, text, quotes, set, words, phrase and saying