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Conservative Manifesto 2015

Cool is conservative fear dressed in black. Assess the answer, not the question. Stay up late- strange things happen when you're separated from the rest of the world. -Bruce Mau


Liberty and Tyranny: A Conservative Manifesto by Mark R. Levin


Dale Less Deplorable on

How to destroy the West - Wake up America as this has been happening under this Obama Administration!

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Daily and Sunday Politics manifesto tracker: Economy

Tracking the progress the government is making - or not - in achieving the promises made in the Conservatives' 2015 general election manifesto.

Which is more democratic? May 2015 Secretary of State at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport: There will need to be a minimum 50% turnout in strike ballots. 2015 Conservative manifesto: 'Strikes should only ever be the result of a clear, positive decision based on a ballot in which at least half the workforce has voted.' % of UK electorate who voted Conservative 24.5% % of UK population who voted Conservative 17.5% Will you join the Greens?

"Soaring university fees are saddling our young people with debts they may never be able to pay off. Tuition fees have tripled under the Conservative/Lib Dem coalition. The Green Party is the only party that believes that education should be free. It is our policy in our fully costed 2015 manifesto to abolish tuition fees and cancel student debt." - Kizzi Murtagh, Green Party candidate for Redlands Ward

WATCH ‘the GREAT ONE’ Mark Levin RIP into both Democrats AND Republicans at CPAC! [FULL SPEECH!] | Feb 28, 2015 at 9:48 AM | "Here's one of the greatest defenders of liberty in our country today, Mark Levin, at CPAC this morning. He never pulls any punches, and this speech is no exception! Watch below:" AWESOME! MARK LEVIN, THANK YOU FOR SPEAKING OUT THE TRUTH!