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Liberals vs Conservatives. This happens to fit my experience with yelling hate filled liberals. Conformity of thought is key for the collectivist ideology of modern American liberalism.

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Leaders of Jordan, Russia, Israel, and the USA... Obama is an embarrassment.

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Conservative Christians Choose Not To Pick This One...In fact they only pick the bible parts where they get to hate somebody, which fits right in with their true nature !!!

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Lol! And found that he had more votes than originally counted! Nice try poor sports!

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A government which lays taxes on the people not required by urgent public necessity and sound public policy is not a protector of liberty, but an instrument of tyranny. It condemns the citizen to servitude. ~ Calvin Coolidge

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Bad Unions Enable Employees to Have a Sense of Entitlement -

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Accept the results of the election they said... yet they are the ones who are fighting against it. Good one. ~@guntotingkafir GOD BLESS AMERICA AND GOD BLESS PRESIDENT TRUMP!!!

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I love it when Barry says "everyone agrees, most folks think I did a pretty good job", BUT facts and reality show that most folks, including a PEW research poll, indicate the country is headed in the wrong direction, and that most 2012 voters casting their ballot for BO, regret that decision.

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Recent regulations allows FEMA to seize/take/STEAL your emergency-preparedness- food- supplies to distribute to others.

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