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Tulsi Gabbard just took the floor of Congress to demand Obama protect Standing Rock (VIDEO)


Bernie Sanders Comes Out Fighting Against Trump and Trumpism ‘We are not going silently into the night,’ says the senator. ‘The stakes are too high.’ November 17 2016 #Bernie2020

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Obama: I was 'encouraged' by my 'excellent' discussion with Trump in the White House

Obama giving Donald Trump a tour of the White House


As he tours the U.S. in the wake of Donald Trump's devastating electoral victory this month, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is using his growing influence within the Democratic Party and among the voting population at-large to outline how the country can prevent slipping backward and in fact can move forward—even with Republicans soon in control of both the White House and Congress.


Rep. Tom Price, selected by Donald Trump for HHS Secretary, voted for the DARK Act to keep Americans in the dark about GMOs. START CONTACTING CONGRESS!


Check out the famous "i love you so much." street art on the side of Jo's Coffee located on S. Congress. Take a pic with your loved one in front of this iconic graffiti.