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How humans have created stories through the ages in a nine-panel strip

How humans have created stories through the ages in one clever strip, visually shows all of the different kinds of conflict.

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In one of my seventh grade classes we're discussing different types of conflicts. We began our current short story unit with the story, "All Summer in a Day," by Ray Bradbury. To help them visualize conflicts, I wrote examples beneath the "umbrellas" - Internal and External. Then they can read examples of Man V. Self, Man V. Man, Man V. Nature, and Man V. Society from the story. We'll refer to this as we continue the unit.

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Review literature in a snap with this one-page worksheet intended to help students reflect upon a piece of literature. Students are asked to identify the essentials of title, author, and structure; point of view; conflict and theme; characterization; literary and connotative devices; and theme. I love this one-pager because it requires students to intently review a piece of literature, cite evidence, explain evidence, and summarize!

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Patterns In Writing: Conflict

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