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Garlic Confit

These oil-poached cloves can be pureed and added to mashed potatoes or to other sauces, and the garlic-infused oil works especially well in vinaigrettes.

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Garlic Confit

Mash the garlic confit in butter and spread it on bread or slip it under chicken skin before roasting. Garlic Confit | Food & Wine

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Garlic Confit - if you are a #garlic lover this is a must. use in pasta, spread on bread or save the infused oil for dips

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Cassoulet with Duck Confit

Cassoulet with Duck Confit - Chef Laurence Jossel created this stripped-down version of the classic French stew, with creamy white beans, luscious store-bought duck confit, smoky French garlic sausage and slab bacon. Letting the beans rest overnight develops their flavors.

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Confit D' Oignon - French Onion Marmalade

confit d'oignon. probably the best thing I've ever put in jars. Even though the recipe didn't say to, I pressure canned this one.

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Garlic Confit

Garlic Confit: sweetly fragrant cloves of garlic goodness is quite irresistible. Tender cloves can be used in countless ways: whisked into vinaigrettes, slathered on crostini, smashed into mashed potatoes, stirred into dips, incorporated into eggs of all sorts, mashed into pan sauces, even fancied up as a hostess gift in a lovely jar. When the garlic is gone, save that infused oil for drizzling and dipping and sautéing.

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Garlic Confit

Garlic Confit recipe: Truly one of the building blocks for any great cook.

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