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PostgreSQL's Multi-Version Concurrency Control

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Structured Concurrency Control in Object-Oriented Databases

Apache HBase Internals: Locking and Multiversion Concurrency Control - Cloudera Engineering Blog

System Level Concurrency Control for Distributed Database Systems / S.J. Rosenkrantz, R.E. Stearns, and P.M. Lewis - ACCÈS PAYANT A software testing company distinguishes 3 patterns of handling software concurrency issues. They are: pessimistic pattern of concurrency control, optimistic pattern of concurrency control and pattern with no control of concurrency issues.

Contents: 1. Introduction to Database Management Systems 2. Database Design and Normalization 3. Relational Algebra & Relational Calculus 4. Query Languages-SQL 5. Internal Structure and Organization of Data 6. Transaction Processing 7. Concurrency Control and Recovery P. Paper

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Java guidelines includes, Introduction to Java, Programming elements, Control statements, Object and classes, Packages and classes, String Handling, Exception Handling, File handling, Concurrency, Applets etc. The main goal are: Cover Traditional computer science concepts. Teach problem solving skills. Introduce students to the culture of computer science. Use real world examples. Emphasize understanding, not imitiating. Authors: Mudit Khetan, Archana Soni.