Writing a Conceptual Framework SOC401 Research Methodologies

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Wittgenstein argued that our entire conceptual framework, the very way we think, is defined by the form of life to which we belong. Words, and their content, take meaning from that. Many forms of life may have 'family resemblances' (points of similarity) but can often result in 'language games', or, conflicts in understanding.

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a conceptual prison of the mind, quote used is: "You can't 'figure your way out' of the conceptual prison that your mind has created. The mind cannot 'see' outside the mind. Freedom can come only when you leave the entire conceptual framework behind." ~ Ed Muzika ~"

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To understand what science is, just look around you. What do you see? Perhaps, your hand on the mouse, a computer screen, papers, ballpoint pens, the family cat, the sun shining through the window ….

LitTunes - Many pop tunes have a chorus — and every academic writing paper is anchored to a thesis statement. Connecting these two fundamental building blocks of effective writing is the focus of Kelly Riley's challenging unit of five lessons, designed to teach conceptual frameworks, critical thinking, and academic writing skills to high school English students.

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One Example of How the Left Has Internalized the Ideology of Their Oppressors / Roughly 60% of the Untied States doesn't vote because they believe it's pointless...That's how the ruling elite rule this country - we have internalized the thoughts which uphold our own oppression. | Films for Action

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