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The RIGHT Way to Test Your Internet Speed

Consumer watchdog Which? is calling for a rethink of the way broadband speeds are advertised, claiming current ones are misleading.


UNIVAC (1951) - the first commercial computer to attract widespread public attention. Manufactured by Remington Rand, eventually sold 46 machines at more than 1 million dollars each.


Scientists use gamification and crowdsourcing to beat the quantum computing speed limit, and it shows that humans can outperform computers in quantum operations.

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Working With Filters And Large Images

When applying filters to high-resolution images, Photoshop may slow down and take some time to complete the filter. If you're testing filters, this could become a problem since you'll have to wait every time you make an adjustment. To speed up your computer's performance, you can create a selection and then apply the filter on that smaller portion. When you find the filter and settings that you like, deselect the selection and apply the filter to the entire image.