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Math: The Complex Plane

Math: The Complex Plane: Introduction to the Complex Plane

Math: The Complex Plane

Math: The Complex Plane: Complex Plane Solutions

Make raised panels for your doors with care and flair! Roy Underhill uses both complex planes and tricks with basic tools to raise the classic panel.

Schmidt Arrangement of the Eisenstein Integers - Katherine Stange This picture drawn by Katherine Stange shows what happens when we apply fractional linear transformations z↦az+bcz+d to the real line sitting in the complex plane, where a,b,c,d are Eisenstein integers: that is, complex numbers of the form m+ne2πi/3 where m,n are integers. The result is a complicated set of circles and lines called the ‘Schmidt arrangement’ of the Eisenstein integers. - See more at…


How to Fold Paper Planes

How to make paper planes. Folding instructions for paper planes, from simple to the complex. Classic origami activity for kids