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Complex Event Processing

"The Instantly Responsive Enterprise: The Marriage of Business Process Management and Complex Event Processing" Learn how Business Process Management (BPM) and Complex Event Processing (CEP) can work together to keep pace with changing conditions.

"Managing emotions & moods doesn’t mean suppressing the expression & processing of your feelings…pushing thoughts away or “steeling” yourself. Emotions and moods are just information. Our interpretations of an event’s significance (benefit, threat, or harm) and the reasons we come up with for why things happen are not always accurate and can change. And when they do, emotions about the event can change, too (Reeve, 2009). Knowing that emotions and moods are complex and ever-changing can…


How do retailers create a unified multi-channel experience for their customers? How do retailers manage their store inventory better? How do retailers understand their in-store customers in real-time and respond quickly? Business agility solutions like Cloud, Complex Event Processing (CEP) and Application Programming Interface (API) provide internal readiness to respond to change, along with finding new avenues of doing business in a better way.


D’origine suédoise, le fabricant d’alarmes Securitas Direct est un pionnier des objets connectés. Avec son bus d’entreprise et le Complex Event Processing, son système d’information absorbe déjà plus de 3 millions de messages par jour.

Business Intelligence @شركة اشارات #businessintelligence What Is Business Intelligence? BI refers to techniques used to identity, extract, and analyze business data to get organizations an in-depth view of their business operations. Techniques include: online analytical processing, statistical anatytics, #datamining, process mining. complex event processing, business performance management, #benchmarking, textual #datamining #predictiveanatytics


Links to podcast - Comparing Complex Event Processing and Stream Computing - Why Should You Care? Length 17:06

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