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The common peroneal nerve, also known as the common fibular nerve, external popliteal nerve, peroneal nerve, or lateral popliteal nerve, is formed from the L4, L5, S1, and S2 nerve roots


Pez anserinus- mnemonic: SGT FOT (sergeant FOT).S- Sartorius G- Gracilis T- semiTendinosus (from medial to lateral) F- femoral nerve O- obturator nerve T- tibial nerve. The sciatic nerve itself cannot technically innervate anything because it is merely the designation for the common sheath that encases the tibial and common fibular nerves.) Notice the order of the muscles (S, G, T) follows the order of the innervating nerves which correspond to those muscles (F, O, T)


Common Peroneal Nerve-- (Common Fibular Nerve; External Popliteal Nerve; Lateral Popliteal Nerve) is a nerve in the lower leg that provides sensation and motor function to parts of the lower leg. When damaged or compressed, it can cause foot drop.

The sural nerve is a sensory nerve in the leg made up of collateral branches off of the tibial nerve and common fibular nerve. Description from I searched for this on