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☆ Visual Intro to the Slope of a Line | Common Core Algebra - YouTube

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Omg I am going to have my algebra class going "0.0.... D:.... omg!!" lol

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Ok, here are some of the pre-algebra pages I used for both my Foundations and Algebra 1 class. I'm sure most of the ideas came from other p...

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Do you know how to factor a trinomial? On this animated common core algebra lesson, we explore the concept of factoring a quadratic when the leading coefficient is not 1 visually and in-depth. This lesson is aligned with the common core standards for Algebra and was designed with flipped classroom teachers and visual learners in mind! Check out our ever-growing library of lessons and subscribe to our YouTube channel!

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misscalcul8: Algebra 2 Unit 2: Linear and Absolute Value Interactive Notebook

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☆ Learn to understand and apply the Distributive Property | Common Core Algebra - YouTube

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☆ Find Area and Perimeter of a Rectangle in the Real World | Common Core Math - YouTube

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Play-Practice-Prove! First Grade Common Core: Operations & Algebraic Thinking


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