Totally random, but I need a fresh playlist to listen to right now :)

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PLEASE READ THIS COMMENT!!!! I think this is inaccurate. Authors develop emotional attachments to their characters just like the readers. In a way, the author has to deal with more sadness from the death of a character than a reader does. An author envisions a life for their character, and it's painful to give them up. Authors HATE killing their characters. It's much harder for an author to kill a character in their novel than people like to imagine.

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PURPLE is at the BOTTOM of the page which means Ur'e sweet well guess what it should mean I LOVE U if u r with me u will comment U BETTER COMMENT

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Please see instruction manual before assembling german shepherd puppy.. follow @GalaxyCase to see more cutest animals kids .... and learn way to make #uniqe #personalized #Samsung #Galaxy S4/S5/S6 Note 4/5 Case Cover

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I feel like i post these and everyone repins and then doesn't comment, so if you repin, please comment.

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What do you guys think about my Pinterest? Be honest:) (If I'm not following you and you comment I'll follow you)

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Comment ppllleeeeaaasssee!!! Probably my last of the conversations I will have for four days lol :D

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Guys I must know how you feel so I can improve my "pinning technique" any criticism helps :)

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