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How to Choose a College

Choosing a college is quite the task for high school seniors, and there is so much to consider. If you (or someone you know!) is trying to choose between your dream colleges, then you absolutely need to check out this post!

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Stressed Out Students

Stressed-Out Students: How Stress Affects Your Mind & Body (Infographic)

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Pick it or Skip it: Your Ultimate College Packing Guide

Pick it or Skip it: Your Ultimate College Packing Guide | Her Campus |

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5 Things To Consider When Picking Your College Major

Consider When Picking Your College Major. You may be applying to colleges or in the middle of your college career. When you are trying to figure out what you want to be when you grow up, check out this post for some thoughts that might help you work through your plans and goals!

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27 Offbeat College Essay Topics

1) These are really funny. 2) I really like how it looks with the different fonts, colors, and graphics. Also, I like how each rectangle is separated but it's not the same all the way through.

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18 Infographics That Will Teach You How To Write An A+ Research Paper Or Essay

As an editor of the high school newspaper, the editor-in-chief of the high school literary magazine, and a college journalism major, I have clearly always been someone who doesn’t mind writing a research paper or an essay. In fact, I welcomed these assignments when I was still in school. I would pick a 10-page essay … Read More

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