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Looking for a natural immune booster to fight off colds and flu? Keep a jar of honey infused garlic in your fridge. It’s cheap, easy to make and together honey and garlic make the perfect combination for helping you stay well. Both garlic and honey have thousands of years of history as medicinal remedies, and make a very potent combination together when consumed. This post takes you step by step through making your own honey infused garlic and tells you what to do with it when it's…


Honey and Cinnamon for the Common Cold Virus (I'm not sick, pinning for my auntie.)


cold treatment at home in hindi remedies specialist

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How To Handle Jealousy When A Friend Reaches A Big Goal Before You

What is the best cold treatment during cold and flu season? Learn about colds and treatment of a cold with our myth busters.

Flower Seeds for Fall Planting with Sensible Gardening. Why some seeds need the cold treatment and which plants to sow in the fall for next years blooms.

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This listing is for set of 5 vintage glass bottles which were widely used in USSR as an effective method for chest cold treatment. Most of doctors were sure that those bottles had a positive influence on blood circulation and that helped to recover quicker. However in 90s those theory were deflected and glass tins were not used any more. All items in a very good condition and they can be a very nice addition to your collection or they might be used as a décor element. Sizing of each item…

4 Diet For Common Cold Treatment