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Set Coffee

Set Coffee: Set of coffee drinks with names, drawing in vintage style on different background (chalk on a blackboard, on white dirty paper and kraft background). More

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Coffee Cupcakes With Mocha Buttercream Frosting

Moist coffee cupcakes with a mocha buttercream frosting is the only way to start your Monday mornings. Use this recipe to experiment with your fav. coffee

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Norwegian Egg Coffee _ This basic method is known by many names: Swedish Egg Coffee, Finnish Egg Coffee, Hungarian Egg Coffee, and (of course) Lutheran Church Basement Egg Coffee. _ Mystery Lovers' Kitchen: How to Make Norwegian Egg Coffee and Your Own Winter Spice Blend by Cleo Coyle

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Fun Coffee Nicknames

Variety of coffee drinks served during "cocktail hour" in addition to lemonade, iced tea, etc. instread of liquor so that guests will be wide awake instead of ready for a nap after dinner. Champaign or sparkling wine during dinner with an open bar.

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Coffee and friends

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Starbucks Secret Menu...I hope everyone knows that a barista will hate you if you tell them the names written here so be sure to tell them the whole recipe instead

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"The secret Starbucks menu"-do NOT order these by name at Starbux as the baristas do NOT know the names. Be prepared to tell them how many shots, pumps, etc of what you want. Also, a good amount of these don't taste like what they suggest.

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ACK! I would totally do this in the shop! LOVE this idea for like coffee names, or countries, or something...

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Would You Recognize These 67 Sneaky Names for Sugar?

Sneaky Sugar. Added sugar is the kind that's added to foods during processing or that we add (like sugar to our coffee). Although better than processed or added sugars, natural sugars can spike your blood sugar in a similar way as added sugars. But here are two ways to reduce the blood sugar spike......

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