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Poster for The Imitation Game by Scott Saslow. #theimitationgame #mortentyldum #benedictcumberbatch #keiraknightley #matthewgoode #rorykinnear #charlesdance #markstrong #2010s #drama #thriller #worldwar2 #alanturing #codebreaker #alexandredesplat #movieposter #graphicdesign #posterdesign #fanart #alternativefilmposter #alternativemovieposter #photoshop Photo by William Warby.

Staged - The Code Breaker Box! Making Movie Props using an Arduino - Part 2

EmojiMovie adds two more comedians to its cast Recently we reported that a movie was being made based on the lovable emoji icons and that Silicon ValleyandDeadpoolactor T.J. Miller would lend his voice to the project in a leading role. Like we stated in that second article EmojiMovie: Express Yourself is yes still a movie and its still going forward. In fact Entertainment Weekly reports that the film has added two more comedic stars to the cast: James Corden and Ilana Glazer. The Late…

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Silicon Week: 10 biggest moments in computing history -> Then and now There have been huge advancements in computing technologies since the early 1900s when calculators and typewriters were 'new-fangled' contraptions. And in the 70 some-odd years since the true birth of the computing era there's been an exponential explosion in technology and capabilities. No longer are we in the age of room-sized computers. No longer are we in the age of analog. Yet it's…

Benedict as Alan Turing in The Imitation Game. To mark the royal pardon of Alan Turing today in the UK, the first official still has been released of Benedict Cumberbatch in character as the computer pioneer and codebreaker in The Imitation Game, due for release next year.


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#BenedictCumberbatch is pioneer codebreaker Alan Turing in The #ImitationGame


The Imitation Game...Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley, Matthew Goode, and Allen Leech...MUST SEE