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The English Kitchen: Cod Fish Cakes and Tartar Sauce. This is a "died" because you don't add the breadcrumbs you only coat them before frying but that doesn't work.. They fall apart. Flavor was nice tho

from BBC Good Food

Ultimate fish cakes

Fish Cakes, you can buy them from the supermarket or make them to your taste. This recipe is perfect for fish cakes, of course you can store them. I would definitely add some masalas to it to give it that distinct Indian flavor - a dash of turmeric, little bit of mustard, fresh cilantro etc. I will go with this recipe with just these minor alterations.


This cod fish cake recipe is made from fresh fish, and is a simple and quick meal to make. It is very nice served with rice or mashed potatoes.. Cod Fish Cakes Recipe from Grandmothers Kitchen.


Really Easy Fish Cakes

Although this recipe calls for cod, you could just as easily use turbot, haddock, tilapia, basa, hake, or another variety. It will affect the flavor of the fish cakes a little but most fish works in this recipe and if you see something on sale then grab it and use that. The result will be almost the same but cost a lot less to make.


Cod Fish Cakes with Homemade Tartar Sauce | AmazingSeafoodRecipes

from The Kitchn

Acadian Salt Cod Fish Cakes

Recipe: Acadian Salt Cod Fish Cakes — Recipes from The Kitchn. Anyone but me remember the little wooden boxes in which salt cod came, and which one "refreshed" overnight in milk? water?

from Rock Recipes

Newfoundland Fish Cakes

These traditional Newfoundland fish cakes have been made for countless generations using the most basic of ingredients like potatoes, salt fish and onions.

from Just A Pinch Recipes

Salt Cod Fish Cakes

I was born in Newfoundland and although I left there over 25 years ago I still long for the salt sea air and some of my best memories are my mom's fish cakes. They are so delicious!!! Made these today for the weekend! Freezes well. * my pic